The Hijacking Of The U.S. And Global Financial Systems Is Coming To An End

I have written several articles about the elite bankers aka banksters aka banking cabal and from what I see happening all over the globe and especially China these past weeks this is for the good of the masses.

Let me review some dominoes that have fallen starting with the two co-chief executives of embattled German banking giant Deutsche Bank, Anshu Jain and Jürgen Fitschen resigned. (I bet they were fired.)

JPMorgan revealed it would fire another 5,000 by the end of the year in a “scalpel” headcount reduction, overnight the world’s favorite drug money laundering bank HSBC unleashed the “machete” and announced it would cut almost 50,000 workers, or one in five bankers, a move which would shrink the investment bank division by one-third.

The same reason why US corporations are laying off tens of thousands so they can fund record stock buybacks and enrich their shareholders – to boost profits so that more money can be channeled in the form of dividends. Read More Here > HSBC To Fire 50,000, One In Five Jobs, To Fund Dividends To Shareholders

The closure of banks in Greece and it`s default > Greece crisis: a disaster for Athens and a colossal failure for the EU.

Venezuela’s hyperinflation is expected to hit 200% by the end of 2015. I can`t even fathom that > Hyperinflation

Puerto Rico sees first-ever default, what is to follow > Public Utility Privatization

China stock crash causing global stocks and oil prices to drop setting in motion huge sell off > China Stock. China also devalues it`s currency 3 times in a week.

Dow Jones closes month of August down 892 / 5.12% and ends first week of September down 426 / 2.58% some think it is just time to reset over valued stocks.

HSBC System Failure Leaves Thousands Facing Bank Holiday Without Pay

“Thousands of people have been left without their salaries because of an IT glitch at HSBC that means employers who use its business banking accounts cannot make payments.” > A Glitch

China announced a new oil contract that will be valued in Yuan and not the US Dollar.
China’s new oil contract signals shift from Brent and US dollar
China Oil Contract

Zhejiang Explosion: Another Massive Blast at Chemical Plant Rocks China > Another Blast.

Who do you think is causing all these explosions in China? This not about China and the United States Of America it is about taking down the cabal.

Truth Writer

Truth Writer

All 12 of the Federal Reserve Banks have liens against them. Read more here > Federal Reserve Banks

And here is the latest Russia Is Going To Pass A Law Formally Dumping The U.S. Dollar > Putin Says Dump The Dollar

Being prepared even if this does not happens is something we should be doing, we have seen what the results are when mother nature decides to push her weight around. Be ready and be safe.

As always I highly recommend each individual needs to do there own research, this is the journey you have chosen.

What do you think is really going on?

The Mind Is Like A Parachute It Only Works When It Is Open!

When an individual learns how to tap into the higher consciousness there are no limits. ( Jack Shea)

” Wisdom leads to all the right paths, knowledge will gain you freedom and love is the glue for all things. “ (Jack Shea)

Infinite Love,

Jack Shea
Truth Writer
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“Fear when eliminated opens up many doors. Love when understood keeps those doors open.” ( Jack Shea )

Time As We Know It Flies By While Many Are Still Asleep

All one has to do is look at what it cost to buy groceries, pennies of interest you are earning on your savings, the stock market jumping up and down and the huge manipulation of precious metals and know something big is in the works.

I say in the works because this has been an on going scenario for many years and the end game to the financial strangle hold is getting ready to erupt like it never has done before. Are you preparing for this?

There are just too many indicators that point to the destruction of the fiat currency and manipulated markets backed by illegal derivatives for this to continue. All the cards have been played and the joker is ready to to go wild.

On Monday August 24th. the market dropped 1000 points. If it wasn`t for some information released by Tim Cook it might have ended the day is worse shape. Did Tim Cook Violate Regulation “Fair Disclosure” by emailing Jim Cramer to Save Apple Stock this Morning? Apple Stock Yes I know it bounced back some, don`t be fooled.

Why would Warren Buffett be buying up land in the Chocholate Mountain area. Are these SECRET Gold Mines potentially held by Buffett’s Burlington Northern Railroad and then he goes out and purchases $4.5B of Phillips 66 which owns the Burlington Northern Railroad’s spin-off resource company Burlington Resources – also a prime land holder in area of Chocolate Mountain California. Secret Gold Minds

Then we have Gold expert Jim Sinclair`s interview admitting that all the markets are being manipulated. This is a must watch interview > Silver On Steroids I highly recommend watching the whole 36 minutes. We are running out of time so be ready.

I challenge my readers to do some serious research on their own and to be emotionally and spiritual ready for what is coming. Who knows we might end up with a new financial industry, government and judicial system in the near future.

The Mind Is Like A Parachute It Only Works When It Is Open!

“Fear when eliminated opens up many doors. Love when understood keeps those doors open.”

When an individuals learns how to tap into the higher consciousness there are no limits.

Some resources from Bix Weir, Zero Hedge and Jim Sinclair.

Infinite Love,

Jack Shea
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