A House Divided Against It Self Can Not Stand

Mark 3:25 “And if a house divides against itself, that house cannot stand. ( Ancient Aramaic Scripture )

I have read this verse many times and understood it to mean a family, a group of people or any combination of more than one identity divided can not stand.

In a recent article I posted titled Why Does The Human Race Continues To Be Enslaved By Duality ? I was watching a very informative video this morning about how man has polluted his body for a very long time with man made food or garbage if you will.

Most of the foods we eat are hybrid this includes animal and plant. I will not try to explain why or how this came about. I will say that many individuals will be shocked as to what some of these foods are.

Many of my friends know that I have been on a journey seeking truth in all things, which has been a very exciting and informative one. Nutrition has been one these and I have not been satisfied with what I have been finding and have to confess that my diet is terrible for the most part.

How do I know this to be truth, can only be explained by really understanding Genesis 1:11-12

11. And God said, “Let the earth yield vegetation, so as the seed* may sow its own kind, and the fruit bearing tree to produce the fruit of its own kind by which it was planted on earth, and it was so.
12. And the earth produced vegetation, so as the seed sowed its own kind, and the fruit tree that produced the fruit, generated its own kind, and God saw that it was beautiful.

Now back to duality if you read my post on duality you will see that our house is divided. The revelation I had this morning while I was watching a video was the full knowing of Mark 3:25. How can we stand if our house is divided, this verse is meant for us to keep our physical bodies clean and pure and not polluted with foreign foods. ( inorganic foods non electrical foods )

Keep in mind that if our body is polluted with foreign foods so is our mind. Thus we have the two hemispheres of our brain the cerebrum and the cerebellum at war with each other or DIVIDED. The Bible teaches that the body is the Temple of God.

I will leave you with this to ponder. What is your understanding of Mark 3:25?

I will go into more detail of these two hemispheres of the brain in another post.

This is a must watch video > Dr Sebi – Remedial Health this is about 50 minutes and I guarantee it will be worth your time to watch.

The Mind Is Like A Parachute It Only Works When It Is Open!

“Fear when eliminated opens up many doors. Love when understood keeps those doors open.”

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Infinite Love,

Jack Shea
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