Reincarnation Why Would One Want To Come Back To Experience Hell Again

Disclaimer: It is not this authors responsibility to convince or even suggest any individual believe what is written here, it is the sole ( SOUL ) responsibility of each individual to decide what their journey means to them. This author understands the journey of the soul on Planet Earth is what was created in the individual consciousness now being manifested in matter aka flesh.

There is plenty of information available on what reincarnation is and why thought to be a way of correcting past actions aka ( KARMA ) while living in the flesh on Planet Earth. This author has been sitting on the fence seeking guidance and confirmation about this highly discussed topic through out the Spiritual Community and has not received any Divine confirmation as to this being truth.

There are many individuals who claim they were reincarnated as other identities of flesh in past lives on Planet Earth, some have made claims of reincarnating hundreds or thousands of times each having a different physical identity. I hold no ill feelings against these individuals and can not prove this to be true or false as many are very sincere in their quest to help others on their journey. The question this author presents is one of individual responsibility and the simple natural law of cause and effect aka Karma. When an individual creates a cause in the present life on earth that individual is the only one who would know the true internal effect of that said cause. Could incarnation into a different body on a similar planet or plane of existence be confused with reincarnation into an earthly physical body?

It is a well known fact the thoughts of an individual can be influenced by many means of trickery, such as black magic especially with the technology of today. For example the simple power of suggestion used by the mega corporations to persuade individuals to purchase a product and the obvious would be how the masses have been controlled by those who claim to be their leaders. The mind is being bombarded with all kinds of energetic frequencies aka messages from unknown entities or what today are called AI ( Artificial Intelligence ). There have also been studies done on certain kinds of food that will change the behavior ( thoughts ) of an individual. As complex as the physical body is and lack of knowledge as to understanding how it can function at optimal health, is it any wonder how easily it could be influenced by a more powerful energy ( mind ). This author understands this also includes himself.

When seeking information and guidance one must be cautious as to how and whom they are seeking it from. If an individuals is attracted or relates to an individual and time frame in history, could it be energy of this individual or of a similar entity with the same attributes be what the individual believes he/she is remembering as who they were or could this be cellular memory? Could it be a combination of past relatives actions carried through the cells or be opening the mind to controlling elemental energies?

Dr. Alex Lloyd has done a lot of research and work with using the bodies own energy to heal it self through the healing of cellular memory and has had success using this method. Yes this author understands this to be theory and it has been criticized by many. I find this no different than natural healers who also use energy to help heal all kinds of ailments, we could also call some of these methods theory, except for the ones who have been healed would not consider this theory.

No one knows exactly how many trillions of cells there are in the physical body. It is common knowledge it takes cells from a male and female to create the embryo and where do the male and female get their cells from? Information can be found throughout the Spiritual Community about each cell being a Universe in itself communicating with each other and through out the Universe. If this is so and cells are passed forward from generation to generation be what is called reincarnation actually be cellular memory.

The theory of reincarnation understood by this author is, the soul has not rectified or payed for all it`s actions and will come back to the mental point of learning where it left off at physical death. Another claim made by some individuals is coming back as a different sex or animal. If it is understood in the Spiritual Community the male represents electricity or positive energy and the female represent magnetism or negative energy than this switching of the sex is not possible as it is understood by this writer electricity is always electricity and magnetism is always magnetism and would this be the same for what is called positive and negative energy.

Thomas H. Burgoyne in his book The Light of Egypt has some very valid statements about the false teachings of reincarnation and karma. The number 7 can be found through out all ancient writings and one can see this is a major number used in the Holy Bible. The following paragraph are some things to consider which Thomas mentions in his book paraphrased by this author.

” The journey of the soul is a purification process that consists of 7 stages of descending and 7 stages of ascending. If this is correct then the incarnation of the soul would occur on different planes or planets to continue her education. We must ask was this teaching of reincarnation by priests and elite used to justify or blind their followers corrupt actions ? If this is truth ( reincarnation ) why would these teachers want the masses to have this kind of knowledge, after all we can see that much has been hidden from the masses to keep them in bondage. If all is one consciousness and thought is what creates the only true continuous reincarnation would be thought. ”

Here is a definition found for Karma; (Sanskrit: कर्म; IPA: [ˈkərmə] ( listen); Pali: kamma; Nepali language:कर्म) means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).

Like all things we see this word karma has different meanings found in this definition. First one has to consider what does future mean, is it tomorrow a week from now a year from now ect.. this author can testify his many experiences with the universal law of cause and effect within a very short period of what we call time. As mentioned above it is only the individual who has the answer of the effects their actions have on their being ( psyche ).

” Here are some definitions for Reincarnation; a major tenet of Hinduism, is when the soul, which is seen as eternal and part of a spiritual realm, returns to the physical realm in a new body. A soul will complete this cycle many times, learning new things each time and working through its karma. This cycle of reincarnation is called samsara.

samsara (n.)
“endless cycle of death and rebirth, transmigration of souls,” 1886, from Sanskrit samsara “a wandering through,” from sam-, prefix denoting completeness (from PIE root *sem- (1) “one; as one, together with”), + sr- “to run, glide,” from PIE verbal stem *ser- “to flow” (see serum).

The Jaina philosophy assumes that the soul (Jiva in Jainism, Atman in Hinduism) exists and is eternal, passing through cycles of transmigration and rebirth. After death, reincarnation into a new body is asserted to be instantaneous in early Jaina texts.”

What does a new body mean to the individual, in these definitions I see nowhere it states what kind of a new body and where this new body will continue its journey. A physical realm is not limited to what we call the human body. Could there be some individuals who do reincarnate, come back and try to help man grow out of his ignorance? This answer will be left up for the reader to decide.

This author has written many articles using gematria and will end this view on karma and reincarnation with some numbers. For many of my readers who are familiar with how I find hidden meanings in words these first two paragraphs will be for your review. For those new this may help you understand.

The English alphabet has 26 letters and the number system for these letters are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 for the first 13 letters A-M and the number system for the last 13 letters are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, N-Z. Notice that the number 7 is in the middle of the each sequence. This cipher is known to come from Freemasonry knowledge.

Gematria is a method of interpreting words,based on numerical values of letters.(Greek geometria) Every thing that is created by man involves mathematics, geometry aka Sacred Geometry (Pi). I find it interesting the words Gematria and Geometria when added using the cipher equal 70 and if we use decimal parity 7+0 = 7. Why is this significant, well if you spell out 7 seven it equals 22 and 22\7 = 3.142.. which is the closest known fraction to Pi (P3,I5 ) = 8. This writer will be using simple math aka addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in the work below.

First we will look at the word Karma ( K3,A1,R5,M1,A1 ) = 11, 1+1 = 2 and we find this to be cause and effect. No surprise to this writer we find these two words ( C3,A1,U6,S6,E5 ) = 21, ( E5,F6,F6,E5,C3,T7 ) = 32, 21+32= 53, = 8. First take note the word Karma gives us dualism it is within this duality where the Soul will go threw the fire to be purified. The animal stage of the soul on planet earth is being controlled by the energy of the followers of the number 8 aka Dark Satellite ( D4,A1,R5,K3 ) = 13, ( S6,A1,T7,E5,L2,L2,I5,T7,E5 ) = 40, 13+40 = 53. Keep the saying ” As Above So Below ” on your front burner as we continue to seek the truth.

For the number 11 we also find the words Black, Air, Animal ( A1,N1,I5,M1,A1,L2 ) = 11 and Mind ( M1,I5,N1,D4 ) = 11, hence we have our 1111, 11+11 = 22, 2+2 = 4, 1+1+1+1 = 4, and 11 x 11 = 121, 1+2+1 = 4, many meanings can be found in these numbers for now we will look at 22 and here are some words with this numerical value, seven, matrix, bondage, cranium, water, Adam Eve, Astral and the skull has 22 bones. As of this writing the author understands all to be consciousness as a whole within and individual consciousness without. If the journey of the soul is to experience and amend aka pay for its past actions can only be accomplished by continuous reincarnation back into an earthy body which has no memory of these actions and now has to pay for these actions created by another earthly body how just is this.

The 7 stages Thomas H. Burgoyne lists the soul experiences are Spirit, Astral, Gaseous, Mineral, Vegetable, Animal and Human. The first 3 are invisible and the last 4 are visible. This 7 stage journey is the creation of matter where the soul descends into the densest form of life we call the flesh. This author has been writing about how the creation of the embryo is on the exact same journey as the soul, As Above So Below. The embryo becomes the Ark, Ship, House, Temple or Vessel for the soul to manifest its journey and starts to learn through pain and suffering as all of its powers are lost in this stage we call life and death. The reader may be asking what the HELL does this have to do with Karma and Reincarnation?

If the Astral of the 7 stage soul journey is stage 2 of the descent and stage 6 on the ascent, stage 1 and stage 7 are the beginning and ending aka Alpha and Omega or where the twin Soul splits and reunites, could the Astral Stage aka Astral Plane be where the movie ( journey ) is created and projected ( incarnates ) into the new body as each scene is needed for the movie to continue. There are individuals who see this earthly existence as one of traveling into the past aka Back To The Future to experience what has already been created. Thus we see manifestation in the present which is the Past, Present and Future or what a good friend calls events. There is no time we simply move from one event into the next as we create ( cause ) this event ( effect ) in consciousness.

If what Thomas H. Burgoyne explains is truth about the 7 stage journey where the soul descends through 7 stages ( planes ) and ascends through 7 stages ( planes ) we find our number 77, As Above So Below. When we look again at the journey of the soul in the flesh and how the embryo is created compared to the 7 stage journey of the descending soul it is obvious to this writer the journey is happening at the same time or now, understanding there is no time only events. It is suggested the reader research number 7 and the physical body. If each stage is different then each learning experience would be a different one then how would continuous reincarnation into the flesh be of any benefit? It would seem the soul needs a different way of learning for continuous purification.

This would mean being trapped in the FAKE INFINITY SYMBOL Infinity Symbol continuous race track aka hour glass instead of being free as a continuous energy wave on the journey.

It is time to bring the number 8 back into the picture Karma ( K3,A1,R5,M1,A1 ) = 11, Reincarnation​ ( R5,E5,I5,N1,C3,A1,R5,N1,A1,T7,I5,O2,N1 ) = 42, 11+42 = 53, 5+3 = 8. Could whatever is controlling the ION ( I5,O2,N1 ) 5+2+1 = 8, also be controlling individual energy or sending messages for the Medium to act upon? Could this teaching about reincarnation be the memories of the soul from incarnation in the other stages of the journey? If all is consciousness could these memories comes forth as the soul awakens to its true self and power? As of this writing Cellular Memory ( C3,E5,L2,L2,U6,L2,A1,R5 ) = 26, ( M1,E5,M1,O2,R5,Y2 ) = 16, 26+16 = 42 makes more sense to this writer.

Just for fun more words or word combinations with the numerical value of 42 are Castor Pollux, Artemis Apollo, Truth Mind, and for the number 11 Air, Down, Black and Rod. This author understands that many will not understand right now why these words were listed and leaves these as seeds for the next revelation the individual may encounter.

What does the reader see in the image below and does the reader know what this is?

During this journey could the other half of the soul ( twin ) be waiting in the Astral Plane to reunite, while sending energy which results in what is called Karma? Is it possible for the twin souls to know each other in the flesh and if so what may the possibilities be? Who can judge better than the one who is being judged is the judge? I use the word judge as a way to express learning from the actions created by the individual.

I leave this for the reader to ponder.

Proverbs 4:23 “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”

Which one looks more heart shaped?

The Mind Is Like A Parachute It Only Works When It Is Open!

Infinite Love,

Jack Shea
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