Is Your Mind Free or Boxed In?

As I have mentioned in previous articles I love to write about all different kinds of topics. Some of theses could and will be controversial and may raise an eyebrow or two.

Today`s topic is what I call the effects of a codified law system on mankind. I am by far not worthy in my fleshly body to deserve the blessings that my Heavenly Father God has bestowed upon me. He continues to fill up my cup to where I ask myself why have I been selected to receive revelations that many have not understood over the last 2000 plus years.

I have been on a journey for seeking the truth in all things for the past five years and wow it has been amazing. It is my belief that when an individual is controlled by a codified law system instead of LOVE it will drastically limit ones ability to truly understand what love really is.

Here comes the real ZINGER for those who may not understand what a codified law system is, let us look at the Ten Commandments. It is filled with mostly You Shall Not`s. I will not get into the reasons why most individuals believe these were given to man. I will however say that if mankind was not deceived or bought into what Satan was doing man would be living a completely free life. OK you may say DUH!

Moving on, what words do you remember from your earliest childhood experiences. I can recall the words no and don`t do that ( you shall not). Keep on reading as I will now tie this into the Ten Commandments and the codified law system. From these ten came what is called the Mosaic Law or what may be called man`s law. Ask yourself what did this accomplish? Have you ever wondered why the codified law system has not worked to help man to learn what true love really is?

After Moses broke the first set of commandments who do you think Moses was communicating with when he went back to get what are known as the Ten Commandments? All one has to do is look at the law today, are the prisons empty, are families all living together in harmony, are there no more wars, are you under taxed, I could keep on going and I am sure that you could add many more to this list.

There are many who will say if there was no law we would have major chaos right. Well if what is going on now in this world isn`t considered major chaos please fill me in. I believe God The Father is calling me now to learn what true love really is. I am talking about the love that Christ has been teaching mankind from the beginning of time.

Could it be possible that the Two Commandments that Christ gave were the original commandments given to Moses? If mankind understood what Christ did when he abolished the law only these two would have been needed. ( Matt. 22:37-39
) Christ`s law is You Shall . Do you understand the difference between these commandments?

It is my belief that once the mind is limited by laws that control instead of a law of love the mind becomes boxed in due to fear, fear of punishments, fear of rejection, fear of judgement and fear of being ridiculed. Now when the mind is working in unison with the Heart there are no limits. Solomon said everything is an issue of the heart. We as mortals know love through our heart not through our mind. (“Guard your heart above all else, for from it flow the issues of life” Proverbs 4:23).

Take a little trip with me as I open my heart to the limitless possibilities of what can be when I see everything through the eyes of love. First I forgive myself for what I have done to my brothers and sister and I also forgive All Mankind. Is this not what Christ did and would expect from me as he teaches me what true love really is. I believe the fire and brimstone or what many call the wrath of God is going to be the fire of his love that will melt the hearts of all those in the heaven, the earth and under the earth.

I chose to live under Christ`s law. The apostle Paul gives this law as the fruits of the spirit ans says against these such things there is no law. ( Galatians 5:22-23 ) There is no freedom in religion or law I believe is the message Paul was giving.

It is and always has been all about LOVE not control by a codified law system.

The Mind Is Like A Parachute It Only Works When It Is Open!

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Your brother in love,

Jack Shea
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I want my legacy to be remembered for helping individuals find the truth in all things by leading by example with love in all things that I do.