How Is Your Corporation Doing These Days?

I revealed in my article Why We Are Where We Are Today Part 2 that when you are born your birth certificate really becomes your death certificate. For the individuals living outside of the United States you may want to research how you are acknowledged.

Now that you are a corporation listed like JOHN MICHAEL SHEA III which is how my corporation is listed you have no human identity and only exist as a corporation according to all government agencies and financial institutions. So how is your corporation doing?

Now this is going to be hard to believe for most individuals once you are forced into the system you are now held under admiralty – maritime law. What this means in my understanding is now you are under the rule of a king and no longer you a sovereign.

Your newly formed corporation becomes part of a world wide trading company. You read that right your birth certificate number is traded on the stock market. You are no longer recognized as a human being. You have no rights only privileges granted by the crown. This gets very complicated and is all part of the banksters clever plan to keep the people enslaved.

You own nothing it is all in your strawman`s name which is a corporation that does business with the corporation of the United States. Take a magnified glass and look at the line where you sign your checks you will find it reads authorized signature. Take out any contract and you will see that it also says this. Authorized for your corporation to legally do business with another corporation.

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The Mind Is Like A Parachute It Only Works When It Is Open!

The information above is from my research and my belief, for the reader to do with as they see fit. I make no claims as to being an expert in law.

Your brother in love,

Jack Shea
The Truth Writer

“Searching For The Truth”