Most Individuals Have Heard That The Truth Will Set You Free

There are many times that the truth will also hurt. As I continue my journey to seek the truth in all things I have come to understand that what may be the truth today is not necessarily going to be the truth five, ten , fifteen or 100 years from now. You may ask how can this be?

So what is the truth?

Here is what Merriam-Webster defines as truth.
the truth
: the real facts about something : the things that are true

: the quality or state of being true

: a statement or idea that is true or accepted as true

From the time an individual begins to learn lessons of life taught by parents, relatives teachers, main stream media and the church much of what has been learned is accepted as the truth. Now this is how the system has worked for thousands of years. Why would there be any reasons not believe those who we trust or love.

You can call me a conspiracy theory enthusiast, rebel, heretic or all of these and it will not change my passion to seek the truth in all things and help individuals to expand ones thinking to realize what is evolving on this planet is happening for the benefit of the conciseness of the universe.

When an individual understands who they really are and most of all that they have been taught the need for the material to satisfy the flesh has been used and will be continued to be used to enslave the soul this is true freedom. Ask your self if money were not an issue would this planet be better off? Would there be millions of our brothers and sister starving and homeless? If you are honest you will see that money is the cause for most of mankind’s problems.

Why does the government have so much power so much corruption and still continue to control the masses? It doesn`t seem to matter who is elected. Sure there might be an honest man or women that was elected just to make us feel like we have some hope for positive change. But let`s be realistic they are so out numbered that they will never be heard from on the big scale of major issues.

Through the educational system we are taught at an early age the agenda the elite have already planned out for our specific generation. All one has to do is look back at what was evolving during their school years and what was being taught to understand how we have ended up where we are today.

The name church was introduced by Constantine who started building them. He also structured the church like the Roman government from the the top down. Do you now see some similarity to the way your church is structured?

All these systems require money to function and where do they get the money? It comes from the slaves who have bought into this illusion that we need these systems and money to survive. Systems that have been in place for thousands of years.

Ask yourself who created government, religion and money? Then ask why were these created?

It doesn`t matter if you believe what I write all that matters is that if you want to find the truth you will have to go searching for it. It is not what you have been taught from any of these systems.

” Accepting something on BLIND Faith will keep that individual BLIND “. By doing so allows others to do your thinking which leads to being programmed.

Remember words are very powerful and those who have been and still are in control use them for their specific agenda, even the words you read in the Bible.

I am learning that history as we have been told is not true history. I will be revealing at a later time more about how, and why Christianity and The New Testament were created by the Romans. This will be a shock for many and many will not want to accept this or even want to find out for themselves why.

True freedom is the freeing of the mind learning how to raise your level of consciousness.

The information above is from my research, which I believe to be the truth, for the readers to do with as they see fit.

The Mind Is Like A Parachute It Only Works When It Is Open!

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Your brother in love,

Jack Shea
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“Searching For The Truth”

I want my legacy to be remembered for helping individuals find the truth in all things by leading by example with love in all things that I do.