What Is Up With The Number 12?

The number 12 is mentioned several times in different books of the bible and there are specific reasons to why this is used. However there may be a lot more to the number than one may understand. I will give some examples of this powerful number and what I believe to be the true meaning that is coded in the Gamatria of the bible.

There are many more uses of the number 12 in the bible and many other uses in our everyday lives. I will only cover some that I believe are the most obvious to my readers.

12 sons of Jacob which represented the 12 Tribes of Israel who are prophesied to be ruled and judged by King David and the 12 Apostles in revelations.

12 Commandments – This may be a sock to many. There are some that are connected but they are also separate commands. I found this interesting.

12 Tribes of Israel represent the 12 twelve constellations of the zodiac. When they were traveling in the desert Moses would have each tribe set up in the same order as the that of the zodiac. This was also know as the camp. This order would stay the same even after the first temple was built.

These 12 Tribes have great significance in what Ezekiel is explaining about the temple and the four living creatures.

12 Apostles – Most are familiar that Christ gave them all special powers to heal and cast out demons.

12 Months of The Year – This controls our economical cycle and our age. Also connected to the Zodiac signs. I also find it interesting that the 12 Tribes of Israel are broken into groups of four just like the seasons of the 12 month calendar.

12 DNA Strands – The make up of the human body. Two are only activated for most individuals and the other ten are known as junk DNA. However I believe that many individuals are awakening these other ten DNA strands.

12 peers sit on a jury which was created by Henry II in the 12th century.

Scientist have mentioned a possible 12th. planet also called planet X.

(Kathara Grid or Kathara 12-Tree is also known as The Tree of Life)

There are way to many other uses of the powerful number 12 to mention here.

Conclusion – Using the Gamatria to decode the bible which is a mathematical code system the number 12 represents ” Divine Authority, Power and Rule “.

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