Time As We Know It Flies By While Many Are Still Asleep

All one has to do is look at what it cost to buy groceries, pennies of interest you are earning on your savings, the stock market jumping up and down and the huge manipulation of precious metals and know something big is in the works.

I say in the works because this has been an on going scenario for many years and the end game to the financial strangle hold is getting ready to erupt like it never has done before. Are you preparing for this?

There are just too many indicators that point to the destruction of the fiat currency and manipulated markets backed by illegal derivatives for this to continue. All the cards have been played and the joker is ready to to go wild.

On Monday August 24th. the market dropped 1000 points. If it wasn`t for some information released by Tim Cook it might have ended the day is worse shape. Did Tim Cook Violate Regulation “Fair Disclosure” by emailing Jim Cramer to Save Apple Stock this Morning? Apple Stock Yes I know it bounced back some, don`t be fooled.

Why would Warren Buffett be buying up land in the Chocholate Mountain area. Are these SECRET Gold Mines potentially held by Buffett’s Burlington Northern Railroad and then he goes out and purchases $4.5B of Phillips 66 which owns the Burlington Northern Railroad’s spin-off resource company Burlington Resources – also a prime land holder in area of Chocolate Mountain California. Secret Gold Minds

Then we have Gold expert Jim Sinclair`s interview admitting that all the markets are being manipulated. This is a must watch interview > Silver On Steroids I highly recommend watching the whole 36 minutes. We are running out of time so be ready.

I challenge my readers to do some serious research on their own and to be emotionally and spiritual ready for what is coming. Who knows we might end up with a new financial industry, government and judicial system in the near future.

The Mind Is Like A Parachute It Only Works When It Is Open!

“Fear when eliminated opens up many doors. Love when understood keeps those doors open.”

When an individuals learns how to tap into the higher consciousness there are no limits.

Some resources from Bix Weir, Zero Hedge and Jim Sinclair.

Infinite Love,

Jack Shea
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Why The English Language Is More Than Just Words Part 5

You can find Parts 1,2,3 amd 4 here > Why The English Language Is More Than Just Words

The word alphabet comes from the first two letter in the Hebrew language Alef ( master ) Alpha and Beth ( house) Bet. Below is called a cipher of the English alphabet. Using our fingers this can be remembered. For a detailed explanation visit For a detailed explanation visit Pi & The English Alphabet / Marty Leeds

The English alphabet has 26 letters and the number system for these letters are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 for the first 13 letters A-M and the number system for the last 13 letters are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, N-Z. Notice that the number 7 is in the middle of the each sequence. Seven is a holy number.

Gematria is a method of interpreting words,based on numerical values of letters.(Greek geometria) Every thing that is created by man involves mathematics, geometry aka Sacred Geometry (Pi).

I find it interesting the words Gematria and geometria when added using the cipher equal 70 and if we use decimal parity 7+0 = 7. Why is this significant well if you spell out 7 seven it equals 22 and 22\7 = 3.142… (Pi)

Many individuals who live in the U.S. have been trying to understand what operation Jade Helm 15 is all about. You can find all kinds of information on this very controversial military operation now expanding into 9 states.

For those not up to date on the financial disaster that has been in the works and what many claim will end fiat currency in September, Jade Helm 15 may play a huge roll in controlling the chaos if this were to happen. The U.S. government ends it fiscal year on September 30th. I will let the reader decide what they believe this to be.

Now for the fun part using sacred geometry I decided to see what Jade Helm 15 talk to me by using the numbers relating to this.

Jade ( 4+1+4+5 = 14) Helm ( 6+5+2+1 =14) Well isn`t this interesting each word has the same value and when added together we have 28 which are how many phalanges we have in both of our hands. I will let that sink in for a minute.

Now let`s take Jade = 14 and Helm = 14 and add 15 which sums to 43. Using decimal parity for 43 we come up with 4+3 = the holy number 7. I can`t stop here as you will see that the word Jade is a gem stone and one of the colors is green like in green backs or Federal Reserve Note.

Guess what Gem Stone sums to. Gem ( 7+5+1 = 13 ) Stone ( 6+7+2+1+5 = 21) 13+21 = 34 which is a mirror of 43. If you guess 7 you are correct. Here is a little extra the number two ( 7+4+2 = 13 ) also sums to 13.

We now take the word Helm and we find one of the definitions from The Free Dictionary is
A position of leadership or control. Are you ready for some more FUN? Here we go again seeking the sum for the word Control ( 3+2+1+7+5+2+2 = 22 ) oh I bet you thought it was going to equal 7, but it equals 2+2 = 4 which is the ancient sacred geometry number symbolizing earth.

OK I was holding off to see if you can find Pi in the word control. Looking at what this sums to 22 now count how many letters are in the word control. Wow 7 again and 22/7 = 3.142 truly amazing.

I leave this for you to ponder. Could operation Jade Helm 15 mean that those who have been in control of the fiat money also believe they control the earth are running scared because their time is up?

I almost forgot the word FUN sums to ( 6+6+1 = 13 )

The Mind Is Like A Parachute It Only Works When It Is Open!

“Fear when eliminated opens up many doors. Love when understood keeps those doors open.”

When an individuals learns how to tap into the higher consciousness there are no limits.

Some resources from Marty Leeds, Google research and my perspective.

Infinite Love,

Jack Shea
Truth Writer
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Why Do We Have To Compete Against One Another ?

We have been led to believe that in the business world competition is good and it is necessary to keep the playing field honest. From my experience in the online and offline business world this also is what causes corruption and the need to succeed without regard of the outcome to the many individuals in its path.

In the sports industry which has become a multi, multi – billion dollar business, that if you are not a winner your will either be remembered as those who let it get away, a big loser or those who blew their chance to become famous.

In the religious world which is just another form of government created to divide the human race. We have pastors, priest, ministers ect.. who are all competing for more church members even though they will tell their members it has nothing to do with numbers. If this is true how many would continue on without any money from their members to support their lifestyles?

I believe we are setting up our children for a very disappointing journey as they see that the only way that they can succeed is to compete every step of the way or accept mediocrity and roll over and fall into the ever growing statistic of living in poverty.

I will be one of the first to admit I love competing in most sports and even playing games during family times. I used to hate to lose and at times I was a sore loser. I know could care less if I win or lose or if we even keep score. I just enjoy the time we share together.

There is a lot of good that could come from a one world community based on if it is not good for the whole community it is not good. Keep it simple eliminate money and you will eliminate what is the main cause for division among the human race. All individuals are equal all products, services, cars, houses, boats ect all have the same value.

” We are all born free on our planet and yet we cannot move around freely; we cannot live where we choose to; we have to follow rules and laws that we did not agree to; we have to work to earn money and we have to pay taxes to some authority that we know nothing about “. ( excerpt from Michael Tellingers e-book )

I highly recommend his e-book it will be the best ten bucks you ever invested you can find it here> UBUNTU Contributionism I do not make any money for promoting his work.

There is only one agenda for the human race that I believe has been in place for thousands of years and this is one of conquer and divide which equals slavery. History proves this so if you think you are free then do whatever you want and go wherever you want right now without any money, passport or identification and see how far you get.

These are the only conditions you must follow simply called Common Law.
1) Do not kill or harm others 2) Do not steal or take what is not yours 3) Conduct yourself honorably in all that you do and say.

The information above is from my research, which I believe to be the truth, for the readers to do with as they see fit.

The Mind Is Like A Parachute It Only Works When It Is Open!

Infinite Love,

Jack Shea
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“Searching For The Truth”

I want my legacy to be remembered for helping individuals find the truth in all things by leading by example with love in all things that I do.