What Is So Important About The Cube Part 2 And Some Hidden Meanings In The Number 13 ?

I thought it would only be appropriate to reflect on the little I understand about the number 13 on Friday the 13th. Many individuals hold onto superstitions about this day.

The number 13 and some things related to it. The Holy Bible speaks of Christ and his 12 disciples, the Zodiac involves 12 signs and the sun, the Illuminati have 13 bloodlines, the U.S.A. was founded with 13 colonies, Jacob from the Old Testament had 13 children, Metatron`s Cube and we must not forget Apollo 13.

Check out these words that have a numerical value of 13 when using gematria and the English language.
God = 724, Two = 742, Zero = 1552, Sun = 661, Ten = 751, Net = 157, Alpha = 12361, USA = 661, Rome = 5215, Dot = 427, Line = 2515, Jew = 454, Pagan = 31711

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For many of my readers who are familiar with how I find hidden meanings in words these first few paragraphs will be for your review. For those new this will help you understand.

The English alphabet has 26 letters and the number system for these letters are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 for the first 13 letters A-M and the number system for the last 13 letters are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, N-Z. Notice that the number 7 is in the middle of the each sequence. Seven is a holy number.

Gematria is a method of interpreting words,based on numerical values of letters.(Greek geometria) Every thing that is created by man involves mathematics, geometry aka Sacred Geometry (Pi). I find it interesting the words Gematria and Geometria when added using the cipher equal 70 and if we use decimal parity 7+0 = 7. Why is this significant, well if you spell out 7 seven it equals 22 and 22\7 = 3.142.. which is the closest known fraction to (Pi).


We will look at a plain old cube along with Metatron`s Cube. In part one we said that a cube has six sides and expounded on that. Now if we look at the lines that connect the cube you will see that there are 12.


Now by looking at this cube we can see inside of it, however if we had an actual cube in our hand we wouldn`t know what is really inside of it. I am going to call the inside 13. The word God and the word ten are directly link together for it is man who has 10 fingers and 10 toes. Imagine all of creation being in this cube.

In order to create this cube we need to start with a dot and extend it into a line. When we add dot and line it equals 26 which is how many letters there are in the English alphabet. What if the dot is a symbol of the egg of creation. The egg is cracked open to generate life.

Looking at God and the word ten with the understanding that man is created in the image of the Master Creator adding these together equals 26 also. If we multiply 13×13 this equals 169, 1+6+9 = 16. Now take a look at the word cube ( C3,U6,B2,E6 ) 3+6+2+6 = 16. Using decimal parity for the number 16, 1+6 = 7.

Back to the number 13 and Metatron`s Cube.

Metatron`s Cube

I see 13 circles in this image amongst many other symbols.

First let me share who many believe Metatron is.

The myths of Metatron are extremely complicated, and at least two separate versions exist. The first version states he came into being when God created the world, and immediately assumed his many responsibilities. The second claims that he was first a human named Enoch, a pious, good man who had ascended to Heaven a few times, and eventually was transformed into a fiery angel.

Now for the fun stuff, if you are familiar with the Transformers first movie you know that the most valuable thing in the movie was the cube aka ALLSPARK . This is the theme of the movie. I have mention in other articles about all the hidden messages in movies and television series. Let`s see what we can learn from this movie. Please keep reading you will be glad you did.

Optimus Prime was the last born of the original Thirteen Transformers. His spark was the most like their progenitor Primus, its frequency nearly identical. He was the mediator and visionary of the group, passing among them all as a calm, inspiring, thoughtful, unifying and well-liked friend. It was his unique spark and his inspiring reassurance that All are One”

Notice those two words highlighted in the above paragraph we will get back to them but first we need to look at Optimus Prime. ( O2,P3,T7,I5,M1,U6,S6 ) 2+3+7+5+1+6+6 = 30 Prime ( P3,R5,I5,M1,E5 ) 3+5+5+1+5 = 19, 30+19 = 49, 4+9 = 13. What about Megatron Optimus Prime`s brother? Well that will be included in the book I have been writing.

Here is where it gets real interesting as we examine the ALLSPARK (A1,L2,L2,S6,P3,A1,R5,K3 ) 1+2+2+6+3+2+1+5+3 = 23. The same value as Heaven ( H6,E5,A1,V5,E5,N1 ) 6+5+1+5+5+1 = 23.

Next up is the progenitor Primus ( P3,R5,I5,M1,U6,S6 ) 3+5+5+1+6+6 = 26. Here we have the same value for number of letters in the English alphabet. Did you notice that when we split the word Primus ( P3,R5,I5, / M1,U6,S6 ) in the middle the values are 13 and 13. Just like the cipher used to find the hidden meanings in the English language.

I almost forgot about the cube do you know where it was inserted? I will give you a hint it is where God is and always has been. It is where we find God the Master Creator. What have we learned from the cube and the number 13? This is an individual question only you can answer.

I leave you this to ponder, how many of you remember the StarTrekk episode about the Borg? What did they travel in? How were they controlled and by who? This episode is twofold. It is about the 13 Illuminati bloodlines controlling man through mind manipulation and the other message is that we are All One . Borg ( B2,O2,R5,G7 ) 2+2+5+7 = 16, Where have we seen this number before?

All One ( A1,L2,L2 ) 1+1+2 = 5 (O2,N1,E5 ) 2+1+5 = 8, 5+8 = 13

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