Who Are The Guardians?

It just happened to be February 14 2016 or Valentines Day. Let me word this another way it just doesn`t happen without a specific reason connected to it.

As I sat down at my computer on that morning contemplating what to research I was led to open a newsletter from Galactic Connection and as I scrolled past an interview link titled Who Are The Guardians Part 3 down the page to see what else was happening in the universe nothing really caught my attention.

However on the way back up the page I was reminded that I had a meeting scheduled on Tuesday of this week with the individual who is being interviewed. I have had it booked marked in the back of my mind to watch these interviews but for some reason it immediately came front and center knowing I needed to stop and listen to the first interview before I got to involved with my research.

Little did I know watching this interview would become my research for that day. It may be very difficult for many of my readers to understand or want to acknowledge what I am going to be revealing and that is OK as it is some times also hard for this writer. By keeping an open mind that all things are possible this authors journey continues to be truly amazing.

The interview was conducted by Bi Bi Tinsley and Alexandra Meadors the creator of GalacticConnection.com was being interviewed. This is not going to be a detailed writing about this interview. I do want to point out that Alexandra was in a very serious car accident in 2001 and in 2012 she was instructed to create a blog known as Galactic Connection. For those readers who follow this author much of his revelations come to him by numbers.

Using sacred geometry aka gematria, the English alphabet has 26 letters and the number system for these letters taught by Marty Leeds are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 for the first 13 letters A-M and the number system for the last 13 letters are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, N-Z this is called a cipher. Notice that the number 7 is in the middle of the sequence. Seven is a holy number. To understand more about gematria visit here >
Sacred Geometry.

From the day of Alexandra`s accident to the day she started her blog was 11 years. The number 11 is very significant as to what this writer understands. When this number popped up it was time to dig deeper into what really happened on that day for Alexandra. Fasten your seat belt and open your parachute as we travel into the universal language of numbers.

The number 11 is that of duality as we find 1+1 = 2 and it is also 1 individual experiencing in one consciousness. Bringing the two together equals unity of the infinite one. Duality is the lesson set before us. As we learn to love and balance the two we evolve. Look around and you will see it everywhere. The 2 is that which is within. Also known as electricity and magnetism.

Lat`s see what the number 11 when spelled out is revealing to us. Eleven ( E5,L2,E5,V5,E5,N1 ) 5+2+5+5+5+1 = 23, this is going to be very interesting form here on. Here are some more words that have the same numerical value of 23 Heaven, Kingdom, Circle, Grave, Dust, Emerald, Sophia and Alexandra ( A1,L2,E5,X3,A1,N1,D4,R5,A1 ) 1+2+5+3+1+1+4+5+1 = 23. When this author looks at Sophia and Alexandra having the same numerical value and knowing her mission this is incredible. Adding these together equals 46 a number all humans beings should be familiar with. This number and how it relates to this day will be expanded on in a future article.

More explanation is needed so we will look at Sophia, here is one of the meaning (σοφία, Greek for “wisdom”), which is no surprise to this writer as Alexandra`s wisdom is not of the third dimension. To learn more about Alexandra and her accident visit here > The Automobile Accident

This is not in the order which these numbers came to the author, however he felt it was important to recognize who was being interviewed.

As curiosity always gets the best of this writer next up is Guardian ( G7,U6,A1,R5,D4,I5,A1,N1 ) 7+6+1+5+4+5+1+1 = 30, more words with this same value are Father, Ascension, Paradise, At one ment and Crucify, when this number showed up I knew it was going to be a ride from here. This author understands the significance of how the words and their number values tell a story.

Now for the revelation this author experienced on that day. When clicking on the tab for number 30 in Google drive where the numbers and words are kept the tab stayed highlighted in blue on the page but not on the number 30. Not thinking much about this I checked what other words have the same value which are found in the above paragraph.

I continued to listen to the interview and Alexandra was explaining where she was getting information from and mentioned Ascended Masters and Mother Earth and Father Sky. Ya I know sounds like a SCI-FI movie. Hearing this forced me to dig even deeper, here we go again you may need some medication after this ( just kidding ) or maybe you think I need some.

Ready or not, Mother Earth ( M1,O2,T7,H6,E5,R5 ) 1+2+7+6+5+5 = 26, Earth ( E5,A1,R5,T7,H6 ) 5+1+5+7+6 = 24, 26+24 = 50, Father Sky ( F6,A1,T7,H6,E5,R5 ) 6+1+7+6+5+5 = 30, ( S6,K3,Y2 ) 6+3+2 = 11, 30+11 = 41. After realizing what this writer discovered he went back to the numbers file on Google drive to check out what was related to these numbers finding the number 30 tab still highlighted on the screen.

It was time to close this file and reopen it to see if this would bring the number 30 tab back to its place in the file. Well it was still there so I put the cursor on it and it went immediately to number 13. This number is very familiar to the author and it finally hit home as he knows there are no coincidences. Looking up 13 in the numbers file the word John jump out first. This authors real first name is John. Oh boy now what? Time for some questions to be asked just like the title of this article. More on that later.

Now we will try to wrap up knowing that there is so much more to expand on the author feels it just may be more than most individuals will be able to comprehend now. Let`s see what the words fifty and forty one show us. Just when you think you are on the right path it changes. What this author means is what we were going to explore next has now changed.

After coming back from a break opening up the numbers file the number 5 is highlighted on the screen not in the spot where it is suppose to be. This number five represents the human being, we have 5 fingers on each hand and 5 toes on each foot and we are enslaved by our 5 senses. ( excluding birth defects or injuries ) I was trying to avoid this number for there is only one word in this file right now and that word is Ox ( O2,X3 ) the author has found no words for the number 50 yet, but if we use decimal parity for 50, 5+0 = 5. What do we know about the word ox and it`s relation to the number 5 ? Below may be a hint or may just be a clue. Now for my dear sisters this is not about this writer identifying women as being an Ox. Look deep into these symbols you may be surprised what you can find.

Female Symbol Creation Symbol

OK back to the words fifty and forty one, Fifty ( F6,I5,F6,T7,Y2 ) 6+5+6+7+2 = 26, Forty One ( F6,O2,R5,T7,Y2 ) 6+2+5+7+2 = 22, ( O2,N1,E5 ) 2+1+5 = 8, so we have 26 for fifty and 30 for forty one or 56 when added together. How awesome is our creator, way beyond our comprehension. Watch this Mother ( M1,O2,T7,H6,E5,R5 ) 1+2+7+6+5+5 = 26, Father ( F6,A1,T7,H6,E5,R5 ) 6+1+7+6+5+5 = 30, 26+30= 56. We still have more to go Egg Of Creation ( E5,G7,G7 ) 5+7+7 = 19, ( O2,F6 ) 2+6 = 8, ( C3,R5,E5,A1,T7,I5,O2,N1 ) 3+5+5+1+7+5+2+1 = 29, 19+8+29 = 56. I know this is a direct message for this writer. To Be Continued!

I leave you this to ponder could this writer be one of the Guardians receiving a confirmation from an angel of heaven sent by Father Sky and Mother Earth on this day 2 14 2016. 2+1+4+2+0+1+6 = 16 ( A1,N1,G7,E5,L2 )1+1+7+5+2 = 16, 1+6 = 7. As the saying goes time will tell!

One for the road the interviewers name is Bi Bi ( B2,I5,) 2+5 = 7 ( B2,I5 ) 2+5 = 7 wow we could really get into the number 7, but for now 7+7 = 14 and this happened on Valentine`s Day.

The Mind Is Like A Parachute It Only Works When It Is Open!

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Research from Galactic Connection,

” Purpose Backed by Passion Equals Power” by John Michael

Infinite Love,

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