The Truth May Not Set You FREE

You may be thinking this title is a little strange. I am in agreement with you for most individuals have heard that The Truth Will Set You Free. I now understand that seeking the truth is a process that will continue on for eons. Whatever you believe to be the truth is what is true to you in this moment of time.

My journey on this great planet has been one with many thought provoking experiences. If everything is an issue of the heart and if the words of Solomon are true it is not the heart as we know it. Much research has been done on the pineal gland aka The Third Eye and will continue on to seek out what is its true function. If this tiny gland is what many believe its function to be this could explain a lot of why mankind has not really progressed beyond his hunger for control and savage ways.

Could the royals and the so called god`s of ancient civilizations have known that by controlling the pineal gland they could control the masses. By withholding the truth from the common people about spiritual knowledge to learn how connect with the universal divine has enabled these entities to enslaved an entire race. Even the royals have been deceived to think they are free individuals.

Many individuals believe that it was sin that caused the fall of man in the beginning. I believe sin was the cause only after mankind aka Adam came to believe that they sinned against their creator. If you wanted to control an entire race of individuals, I believe by creating a way to make them feel shame and guilt would be a good way to get it started.

To keep the plan in tact have one of your most obedient followers set up a religion that has so many laws and commandments that no one could possibly uphold it. Show me the love in doing this? Now continue to make sure that worship is set in place, by using helpless animals and even humans as offerings of blood sacrifices to their God for the sins that they would continue to commit. Sound like a God you want to follow or continue to follow? ( The Truth May Not Set You FREE )

Why do we believe what we believe to be the truth? I believe that fear is used to shape our beliefs and this has been the formula for success implemented in the stories throughout the old and new testaments. As well as the teachings of our governments which controls our educational systems and by the way all the churches.

Back to the pineal gland a pea-sized gland in the exact geometric center of the brain and comes from the root word “pinea” which is Latin for “pine cone”. My questions are why does the staff of the pope have a pine cone on the top of it and why is this pictured below located in the Vatican.

Pine Cone

The Huge statue known as the Pigna (pine) or the Fontana Della Pigna depicts a giant Pine Cone. It is located in St. Peter’s, in an area called the court of the Pigna.

I leave you with this to ponder: Those who are deceived don`t know that they have been deceived.

The information above is from my research, which I believe to be the truth, for the readers to do with as they see fit.

The Mind Is Like A Parachute It Only Works When It Is Open!

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