What Is Your Understanding Of Time?

I have asked this question a lot to relatives and friends and some of them struggle with answering it or don`t really understand what I am asking. So I then ask what does time mean to you?

Some will say it is the past, present and the future. Some will say that history is the past. Some will say that the future is what you may plan to do tomorrow or the next day, week, month, or year. The present is what is happening right now. Others explain it as seconds, minutes, and hours.

Are you ready to get your mind blown?

Time is an illusion that has enslaved individuals for many thousands of years. I will prove this to you right now. Think of something you did yesterday, got it. When did you think about that? OK think of something you plan on doing in the future. When did you think about that? I am going to guess your answer was right now. Everything happens at the same time. It all happens in your head ( your mind ) it can`t happen anywhere else.

Time was created and is used to control everything we do. Let me give you another example, you are on a plane flying across the world and all of sudden you went from Monday to Tuesday and all you did was cross an imaginary line. Oh now on the way back you go from Tuesday to Monday as you cross that same imaginary line. Day light fooling time.

Have you ever had a day that went by so fast that you almost missed it? How about a day that just seem to last and last and felt like it wasn`t going to end. Do you now see that time is all perception?

Did you know that you can control this illusion? I do this a lot. When you are working at your job or on your business all you have to do is speed up the time in your mind that you plan on putting towards this work. Now when you are enjoying friends and family all you have to do is slow down this illusion of time in your mind.

Everything happens within, where else can it happen. By the way the Greek word for time is Chronos. It is said that Kronos, Cronus, Cronos, Chronos, Chronus, Father Time, Saturn or Satan is the one who controls time. Whose world are we living in?

What if we never celebrated our birthday or new we had one, do you think we might live longer? I will leave you this to ponder.

The Mind Is Like A Parachute It Only Works When It Is Open!

“Fear when eliminated opens up many doors. Love when understood keeps those doors open.”

Infinite Love,

Jack Shea
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OK You`re Freaking Me Out Now Was One Response

On my journey over the last 20 months I have been seeking truth in all things. As information is brought to me it comes in ways that seem to all be interconnected. As those who are familiar with the way of the Internet understand how this works when researching on Google or any other search engine.

My last article was about the English language and numerology and how it relates to the Bible. Ok you`re freaking men out was one response from this post. I understand this person`s response because what I reveal can be unbelievable to many. I thank this person for giving me a title for this post.

I have come to know that everything that we have been taught through the educational, government and churches is not truth. These system are all under the control of the Illuminati which controls all the secret societies which controls all the governments, military, education, law enforcement,the court system, churches, banking, big corporation, big pharma ect…..

These systems all function within a pyramid structure and information is only passed down on a need to know basis. In other words all these systems are compartmentalized. This allows the controllers to keep us in slavery and easier for them to manage.

Now that the masses are waking up the urgency to complete the New World Order can be seen if an individual looks beyond all that they believe and have been taught. I have learned that to believe and to know are not the same. What I share does not all come directly from me , however the more I become aware the more revelations I have.

If we live in a Free World I have to ask why do we have to have for a drivers license, home owners insurance, pay for water, gas or electricity, food ect….? For some time now governments think that they even own the rain water. There are even some places that say it is illegal to grow your own food.

I challenge all of you to expand your thinking and not just stay inside your comfortable little box or cube. By the way the cube is a symbol for Saturn or Satan and there are many more that we see everyday. As I come to know who we are it is easy to see how mankind is being manipulated and remains in slavery. I will expand on this symbolism in a future post.

Many individuals are in denial of this and have said that no man can enslave me I am free in my mind and my heart. I ask if so why do we keep on feeding the beast (666) in all that we do? Did you know that this number stands for man?

( Ancient Aramaic Translation Revelation 13:18 ) Here there is wisdom, whoever has a mind* should count the number of that demon , for it is the number of a human being. And his number is six hundred and sixty-six.

Now when you add 6+6+6+ = 18 this is the number of years Jesus was missing. Remember we have the last information of him at 12 years of age and then at 30 he starts his ministry. Isn`t it interesting that the sun moves 30 degrees as it passes through each house of the Zodiac.

I will leave you with this to ponder.

Do not confuse thinking with consciousness. One is thought the other is intuition.

The Mind Is Like A Parachute It Only Works When It Is Open!

“Fear when eliminated opens up many doors. Love when understood keeps those doors open.”

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Jack Shea
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Why Does The Human Race Continues To Be Enslaved By Duality ?

Free Dictionary Definition: n. duality

The quality or character of being twofold; dichotomy.

The story of Adam and Eve when God said We shall make the human being in the image of our likeness it means Oneness for God is Oneness.

Genesis 1:26-27 from the Aramaic translation.

26. And God said, We shall make the human being in the image of our likeness, and they shall have authority over the fish of the sea and the birds of the sky and the herds and all the creatures of the earth and all the four-legged animals that walk on the earth.

27. And God created the human being to resemble His own visage; He created them male and female.

Free Dictionary Definition: n. human being

1. a member of any of the races of Homo sapiens; person; man, woman, or child

I see no duality in the creation of the human being. I do see duality in the light and darkness, water below and water above, heaven and earth and night and day. So how did we become trapped in duality?

Let`s take a look at Genesis 2:21-22

21. And the Lord God cast a calm over Adam and they slept, and He consecrated one of Adam’s ribs and He placed flesh in its stead.
22. And the Lord God transformed the rib that He consecrated from Adam to be the wife and He brought it to Adam.

We now have two or duality and there is no doubt that there are many differences between the male and the female. Now this is my literal understanding. However as my journey continues I believe this story and the rest of the Bible is not to be interpreted literally.

I can now see that there is so much to learn about creation and manipulation of the human race that my life is becoming one continuous revelation. ( What A Rush! )

From some of my previous articles I discussed Genesis from a different perspective which I can now see that there are multiple metaphors throughout this great book of wisdom and knowledge. The truth is in plain site if you are taught what to look for.

Let me suggest that Adam is The Tree Of Life and Eve is The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil, which are also the pillars of Hercules and Sampson as is the Spring and Fall where we have life and death. Evening come from Eve.

I know that this duality is what we call the left brain and the right brain. I know that the human race has been and is being manipulated to keep us in slavery.

When the left side of the brain is being used we have hate, wars, disharmony, anger ect.. When the right side of the brain is being used we have creativity, love, kindness, peace, joy ect.. Have you ever wondered why there are many more right handed people than left handed? For those who don`t know when you use your right hand you are using the left side of the brain.

Left handed people are the only people that are in their right mind! I heard this statement a long time ago but it didn`t really click at the time.

When the two are Oneness there is unlimited awareness and potential. I will leave you with this to ponder.

The Mind Is Like A Parachute It Only Works When It Is Open!

“Fear when eliminated opens up many doors. Love when understood keeps those doors open.”

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Jack Shea
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