We All Do Not Have To Agree But

I have been learning some very fascinating things about who we really are. This has not been without many hours of reading and searching hundreds of different resources. As I expose what I believe and understand I realize that many others may not.

When we disagree with one another this leaves room for learning as long as it is done with love and not ridicule or judgement. I have been learning that when I feel like attacking someone for what they believe all this does is feed right into the low vibrational energy that the dark side feeds on.

I believe we all need to take a serious look at what is really happening in the world today. Those in power are setting up every conflict in our path to continue to divide the human race. It can be arguing over the smallest of things to what we are seeing going on in the middle east. The reason for the chaos being created is an excuse to implement police states to take more control.

There have been conflicts for thousands of years and we are now seeing it happen at a quicker rate because of technology. If there is a savior don`t you think he would of already stopped this insanity. We are the only ones who can stop this. There is no time to wait for someone divine entity like many religious leaders want us to believe. There is and has been a specific plan to eliminate our freedom of thought.

Do you understand why the smart phone was introduced to the public using a strategic plan aimed right at the younger generation? My perspective is this technology is being used to program them along with the rest of the human race to accept what is coming next. Wireless waves are frying our minds and if you don`t think this is true I feel sorry for you.

If you do your own research and start to connect the dots you will have a better understanding as to why just about all the world government don`t give a rip about the people. They are only puppets who have been given special rewards for doing what they are told. Most of them don`t even realize that they are enslaved and what they are implementing will cause their grand kids to suffer.

This is not only a slavery of the physical it is a direct attack to continue to numb our consciousness. This is being accomplished by manipulating the DNA, through the food chain, medical association, drugs water and wireless technology.

Infinite love is the only way we will get out of this mess. This has to be done by first being aware of why and how this is happening. We will not be able to get our answers from main stream media, religion or the government or it would have already been. I believe we will have do this through our consciousness. This means that we must do everything possible to not feed the low vibrational energy field. This can not be solved by using our five sense. Einstein new this.

The information above is from my research, which I believe to be the truth, for the readers to do with as they see fit.

The Mind Is Like A Parachute It Only Works When It Is Open!

“Fear when eliminated opens up many doors. Love when understood keeps those doors open.”

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Jack Shea
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