What Do The Colors Red White And Blue Mean To You?

We see these colors all over the world and not necessarily in this arranged order. Numerous countries have chosen these colors for their flag and Big Corporations use these colors in their logos. This writer continues his journey of seeking truth in all things and has to question all things that relate to one another for more than just pure appearance.

White signifies purity and innocence, Red, bravery & valour, and Blue, the color of the Chief, and the placement of the broad band signifies, vigilance, perseverance & justice.

United States Flag

To understand who we really are and why there is so much chaos in this little world of ours requires stepping outside of the box and realizing anything is possible. While most individuals settle for the it is what it is mentality this writer knows his journey is so much more than what is seen as reality.

A few weeks ago I was standing in front of a Pepsi sign and although I have seen this logo many times before identified the symbolism as duality. The red and blue colors split by the white or neutral color. Kind of like Yin and Yang except there are only two colors in this symbol. The duality of the Matrix we are caught in has been one of chaos, however the truth about duality is that when an individual understands the need for the two to become one the result is wholeness (oneness).

All that is seen is unseen until an individual is ready to jump outside of the box and look beyond the vail and see all things are possible. When searching for meanings other than those listed above for these three colors here is some of what I found.

Blue – trust, peace, order, loyalty, sky, water, authority, spirituality, sadness, and loneliness. In Christianity the Madonna is usually clothed in Blue to symbolize virtue. In the Jewish faith, Blue is the color of holiness. In Hinduism Blue is the color of the god Krishna. In China Blue represents immortality.

Red – virility, sex, passion, love, heat, independence, action, vitality, courage, strength, danger, evil, aggression, anger, violence, death, blood, martyrdom, war, and revolution.

White – virgin, purity, things that are good, innocence, honesty, new beginnings, cleanliness and completeness. I find no duality in the color white, could it be the color white is the balance many individuals seek.

Check out these logos;



What I find interesting is that in many of these symbols or logos the white is in the middle. I will now share what these colors reveal to me.

The blue is the waters above, the sky, or where many say heaven exists, the white is the light, fire, spirit or soul and the red is human blood or waters below. The immortal soul ( white ) descends from the higher realm ( blue ) into the human blood ( red ) dies to give life to the lower being and loses all its spiritual powers. This is the soul ( Jesus ) being baptized in the water and then ( Christ ) sacrificed on the cross.

Many of my readers are familiar with my passion for using numbers to find deeper meanings in words. This method is known as sacred geometry aka gematria and how this works is explained in more detail at this location Sacred Geometry.

Just out of curiosity I ran some of these words and their number value and what I discovered is incredible. I found so much that I can only share some of it in order to keep this article from becoming too long.

Red ( R5,E5,D4 ) 5+5+4 = 14 , White ( W4,H6,I5,T7,E5 ) 4+6+5+7+5 = 27, Blue ( B2,L2,U6,E5 ) 2+2+6+5 = 15,
14+27+15 = 56. Let`s see what else we can find for the number 56. Father ( F6,A1,T7,H6,E5,R5 ) 6+1+7+6+5+5 = 30, Mother ( M1,O2,T7,H6,E5,R5 ) 1+2+7+6+5+5 = 26, 30+26 = 56. Wow what is this revealing? For one thing we have a trinity which is father, mother and you.

Taking this one step further Male ( M1,A1,L2,E5 ) 1+1+2+5 = 9, Female ( F6,E5,M1,A1,L2,E5 ) 6+5+1+1+2+5 = 20, 9+20 = 29. The same number value of red and blue. All right now for the clincher the word Incarnate ( I5,N1,C3,A1,R5,N1,A1,T7,E5 ) 5+1+3+1+5+1+1+7+5 = 29.

I leave you this to ponder! Love ( L2,O2,V5,E5 ) 2+2+5+5 = 14, Sex (S6,E5,X3 ) 6+5+3 = 14. Human ( H6,U6,M1,A1,N1 ) 6+6+1+1+1 = 15, ( Hell ) H6,E5,L2,L2 6+5+2=2 = 15. I almost forgot Jesus, white and light all have the same numerical value of 27. Those who have eyes to see will understand what this means.

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Research from Wiki/images, http://www.sensationalcolor.com, and Marty Leeds.

” Purpose Backed by Passion Equals Power” by John Michael

Infinite Love,

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