Why We Are Where We Are Today Part 1

Take a trip with me as we time travel back to the days of King Nebuchadnezzar and the Neo-Babylonian Empire. History shows us that his attempt to form a One World Order meaning one government and one religion controlled by the Babylonian Empire was not accomplished before his death.

As we continue to move back to the future we can see that the Mead’s, the Persians under Cyrus the great, Alexander The Great and the Romans all tried to accomplish what we are experiencing today. You may ask why was Egypt not mentioned. Although Egypt was a powerful dynasty it never had world wide control like that of King Nebuchadnezzar and the Neo-Babylonian Empire. I want to also mention Hitler and then I will explain more on why I also include the Roman Catholic Church aka The Vatican in a future article. I mention these dynasties to set the stage for how the elite continue to prevail over the masses of civilization now as done throughout the history of mankind.

Starting with slavery, in order for the elite class to enjoy the many pleasures of life and to satisfy the flesh slavery was an essential and some what accepted way of life. How else would all the building and the cultivating of land be accomplished with out the masses working. The strong or the elite continue to this day to use this form of slavery only it is disguised as having a paid job. It doesn`t take much knowledge to see that the masses do the work that supplies the elite with their lifestyle.

You can argue that it is a choice for man to work at a job and I will agree. What I believe has happened, is through an educational system and this system includes more than just going to kindergarten through grade twelve and on to college it also involves all the teaching from parents, grandparents, relatives and all of mainstream media. When an individual depends on others to influence their life without further research the results will be as is for many today. Owning a business can also be equal with working for a wage if the income depends on the individual owners efforts. Thus the result can be the same as the individual worker who is trading time for money. While the elite own businesses and hire individuals to manage them creating freedom to do as they please.

I believe that the revolutionary war between the colonists and the British was another piece of the plan to move towards a one world government. Do you really think that as powerful as the British military was they lost the war. In order to continue the plan towards a one world government the geographical area of North America was necessary. Lead to believe that the founding farther`s were freedom fighters wanting to escape the strong arm of the British the colonist were convinced that they were fighting for the same freedoms. When in reality many of these same leaders were all from an elite status. I will not divulge all of there pasts this is for you to learn by doing your own research if you desire. Although this is a clue to what I believe was implemented to create just another illusion of freedom.

I will expand on this in part 2 of Why We Are Where We Are Today.

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