Why We Are Where We Are Today Part 2

There is much more to uncover as we start to experience a global awakening amongst the masses. Over the last couple of years there have been thousands of protests by our brothers and sisters expressing frustration form their pain and suffering as to how the world leaders are stealing everything we own or believed that we owned.

This plan has been so cleverly disguised for thousands of years in many different ways and there have been many individuals who have and still are exposing how, why and what the elite bankers have done and continue to do to the masses. Please don`t believe me do your own research if you really want to know the truth. Other wise just continue to be silent and enjoy your false freedom.

Their plan which starts from the day your name is printed onto your birth certificate and signed by someone other than you becomes your new identity by which the world powers use to enslave you into their system we call freedom. You are now considered a corporation and no longer are identified as a human creation of flesh and blood.

Did you ever wonder or notice that every letter of you name is spelled in capital letters on all your government and financial institution documents? This is a fictitious identity you now have that enslaves you by the corporation in others words you are owned by this corporation. For me this is the corporation of the United States.

Most likely you are also owned by the corporation where you reside. Once citizenship is acknowledged by the newly formed corporation the strangle hold becomes tighter. Here is a definition of citizen from the Business Dictionary (Person who is entitled to enjoy all the legal rights and privileges granted by a state to the people comprising its constituency, and is obligated to obey its laws and to fulfill his or duties as called upon.)

Why would this be a privilege if we are born on this beautiful planet a free breathing creation with flesh and blood not a corporation which is merely a piece of paper not a living breathing organism . Why do we need a corporation to dictate to us what our legal rights are. We have a God who gave each one of us the equal right to enjoy all of His creation and live on this planet in abundance.

We were given mother earth as a gift and the responsibility to care for her, this includes all living and breathing forms of life as well as her waters, air and soil. This should have been a natural transition for mankind. So I ask you what happened and what are you going to do about it?

I challenge all who believe there is a better way for mankind to live in harmony on this great planet to start sharing this information. I challenge all and welcome all to join a new forum What Is Truth ? and add your insights for a better plan for all to benefit not just the elite banksters, the mega corporations and the governments.

Visit new forum here > What Is Truth? and help make this a peoples forum. Contact me with your username and email address and I will activate you.

Watch for Why We Are Where We Are Today Part 3

Your brother in love,

Jack Shea
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