Why We Are Where We Are Today Part 3

What will you do if you wake up one morning and you check your bank account and it is empty? Have you ever asked why do we have a money system? Have you ever really asked why is there so much starvation on a planet where about 1/3 of the food we produce is tossed into the garbage? Have you ever really asked why are there so many of our brothers and sisters living in poverty ?

How did we become so selfish and hard heartened that we (mankind ) let this happen and just sit back and continue to watch. We have all the money and resources to fix this atrocity and yet most of mankind thinks very little of it. This is another part of the clever plan the elite bankers have used against us.

You have heard it before the survival of the fittest a phrase mankind has used against himself to separate the weak form the strong, the rich from the poor the educated from the uneducated ect….. What is the difference then between those who have money and those who don`t? If we want to believe the lie it may sound something like this those lazy uneducated bastards,they get just what they deserve nothing. I use to think this way until recently I discovered that we are all slaves to a system that has never and will never work for the people.

From my research I have discovered that money was first used by the Samaritans in the form of clay tablets. Could this have been the beginning of the elite who were called kings in that era. What better way to enslave mankind then to make money an instrument to obtain goods and pay taxes. Another phrase comes to mind, those who have the gold rule. I can`t think of any other reason for the need of money other than for it to be used to control the masses. Even the wealthy are caught in this system of servitude although it may not seem like it to those who have less.

When any amount of money can be created out of thin air by the powers that rule the banks to give it to whom ever or should I say to whatever corporation they want to survive and not face any criminal charges is amazing. Now if you or I try to print our own money to bail out our family or friends we would be put in jail in the blink of an eye. An acquaintance of mine wanted to buy a truck and went to the bank to withdraw $10,000 and they told him we don`t have that kind of money available. He asked why and they told him it would take about seven days to get it.

If you have worked in a bank or know someone who has they will tell you they keep only a small amount on money on hand for security reasons. They send it to the Fed, I wonder why they have to keep on printing money if every bank in the country sends them money five days a week. I am not a banker so I ask where does it all go? What about all those loans that are processed using our money. Did they ask us if they could lend it out? There really isn`t any such thing as money if you understand how everything is transferred either electronically or by way of printed contractual agreements.

I believe that money isn`t the root to all evil or that the love of money is the root to all evil it is the presence of money that is and has been for as long as civilization has existed as we know it. Simple solution get rid of money and build self sufficient communities. This will be a progressive project because the irony is we will need money to build the infrastructure of these communities.

I have been following a movement in South Africa called UNBUTU Liberation Movement. If we want to be freed from the banksters chains then we will need to unite. I believe the ground work has been laid by this movement and feel that it is my responsibility to make my brothers and sisters aware of what true freedom really is.

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Jack Shea
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