Words That Enslave Us Part 1


Let us explore some key words and slogans used on a daily basis to keep us in a hypnotic state of being. We accept such words without ever questioning their meaning or intent to influence our reality.

Most of these words and expressions are a product of capitalistic society and are inextricably linked to our continued enslavement. We hear most of these expressions many times a day, keeping the matrix alive in our subconscious reality. By simply opening our minds and recognizing the activity around us for what it is and why it is happening, we get a true sense of how everything operates against the natural flow of energy – especially human energy. Below are words and phrases but also things people do and expressions we use that take on a whole new meaning when we simply open our hearts, and think as human beings.


Competition is not good – it leads to separation, division and conflict. It leads to the suppression of knowledge and it drives the divide and conquer principle. Cooperation is what we should strive for. Through cooperation we will achieve infinite abundance, knowledge and breakthrough on all levels.


Is based on the principle of scarcity – to economize – the fear of not having enough for everyone – having to save for the future – its foundation is money – that stuff we don’t need or want if we want to thrive in abundance. Economic growth makes us believe that if the economy does not grow, humans will not prosper. It is linked to famine and depression, which is always linked to the availability of money – never the ability of people to create and provide – which is infinite. Free humans can never experience an economic slowdown. The word economy is completely alien in UBUNTU communities where everything is produced and created by the people at will – not governed by the supply of money.


Makes us believe that without money we cannot be stable – we become unstable and unfit for society. It makes most of us equate a lack of money with poverty – because of the ‘economy’ that keeps us in a state of scarcity. A society without money is not poor – it is free and filled with abundance on all levels of human endeavor. Money and finance does not stabilize our lives, it controls our lives. Without money, we are unstable – we cannot be controlled.

The information above is from my research and credited to Michael Tellinger, which I believe to be the truth, for the readers to do with as they see fit.

The Mind Is Like A Parachute It Only Works When It Is Open!

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