Words That Enslave Us Part 3


Let us explore some key words and slogans used on a daily basis to keep us in a hypnotic state of being. We accept such words without ever questioning their meaning or intent to influence our reality.


Television makes us think that good food is something only great chefs can provide. Ordinary people are no longer capable of creating great meals or preparing simple food for their families. The food on the supermarket shelves has become too expensive for most and so the option has become junk foods that are filled with toxins to keep us dumbed down. Growing food is becoming illegal in many places which means that good food is quickly becoming a luxury item – only attainable by those slaves who play by the rules and support the system. Food should be growing naturally everywhere.
BUSINESS We are bombarded by business reports 24/7 – subconsciously believing that we cannot exist if there was no business. Business creates the jobs that people need to survive – to earn more money – to get more entrapped in the matrix of slavery. It is nothing more than a distraction from consciousness – to keep us busy – running around doing mindless things for the “busy-ness”. It is the great human distraction and creator of ego. Some of the biggest businessmen and
women have the biggest egos that are held up as examples of great success by the media. The popular TV show The Apprentice, with Donald Trump, who is a great example of a truly sad human being, has been used extremely successfully as a tool of indoctrination. It is a brutal exhibition of dog-eat-dog, competition, lies and deceit, until only one survives. Teaching our youth all the wrong morals – basically everything that flies in the face of being human and the UBUNTU principles of unity consciousness.


The great distraction – simply means something old that has been repackaged and covered in new shiny metal. The new car models that are released every year are the best example of the obsession by humanity to fall for this “new shiny metal” trick over and over again, keeping us more enslaved to the banskters. It is a clever distraction to waste our time and waste our lives away on meaningless activities to prevent us from contemplating our own being and consciousness. Technology is literally a trinket designed to keep us looking outward, distracting us while our inner energy is harnessed and hijacked by sinister forces that most of us will not believe in. The truly highly advanced technology used by the industrial military complex, will never be released to the people.


Fueled by the fear factor, we are told that if we do not invest during our prime years, we will live in poverty when we get older. We will not be able to retire and go fishing. Investment is also driven by our desire to sit on a beach somewhere because our investments have allowed us to not have to do anything and simply receive money for nothing. This is what drives the capitalist machine. An ideal world where some people sit on their asses while others run around serving them. In a society that functions without money, investing makes no sense at all. Invest what? Where? Why? Once we consider these factors, it becomes obvious that this is another clever construct of capitalism and only applies to a society driven by money. Eternal bliss and happiness cannot be attained by investing. Eternal bliss is within us – now all we have to do is reach for it.


Retire from what? Retirement suggests that you are doing something you don’t really want to do and at some stage you want to give it up and do something else, like following your passion and hobbies. But to achieve this you have to have money saved or invested otherwise you cannot retire and you will have to carry on slaving away till you die. If you live your life doing what your passion is, using your god-given talents while enhancing the lives of all the people in your community, what are you going to retire from? Life itself? In UBUNTU communities people do not retire, it makes no sense. People will always want to do something and the aged are those with wisdom and experience. They are the ones that will guide and lead the rest of the community with their wisdom. Older people have skills that do not necessarily require physical activity. People will always want to continue to create or do what gives them pleasure, while it enhances the lives of others. Those that are too old and fragile to do anything will automatically be looked after by the community caretakers – those who love to take care of others, which is not always financially viable in a capitalist society.

The information above is from my research and credited to Michael Tellinger, which I believe to be the truth, for the readers to do with as they see fit.

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