Jack Shea aka John Michael aka Truth Seeker has been on a journey for over 10 years to seek truth in all things. He was a devoted church going Christian for 20 years and studied the bible as a literal understanding. It is not his desire to bash or judge those who go to church and follow the teachings of this kind. It was on Easter morning 2013 that he discovered truth about tithing and the false teaching of this by many religious leaders. This new found information enhanced his journey which has led to many new revelations.

Jack has written many articles on topics such as, religion, hidden meanings in the Holy Bible, government corruption, corrupt elite banksters and decoding the English language. Using gematria to gain a deeper meaning of words to find truth of who he is and how mankind has been enslaved for thousands of years. He claims to be no expert in any of these fields and always recommends that the reader do their own research and believe nothing he presents. It is his hope that what is expressed in this story will trigger the reader to look deeper into the meaning of all that is.

This author is going to show how all things come back to one and the real number 8 was hijacked and used by the imposter aka Black Knight Satellite to change the Game of Life.

Before we dive into the gematria here is a preface to give the reader some insight. These articles consist of research from the KJV Holy Bible, The Nag Hammadi Library, Greek philosophy, Egyptian religious beliefs, books, Google searches and the author’s own revelations. This writer understands when seeking answers through the different stories the sequence of events don’t always match up. When seeking truth it is necessary to understand that the words man, male, woman, female, masculine, feminine, father, mother and son are not always to be understood as genders. It is important for the reader to look beyond the understanding of male and female as only a physical description.

There are so many different stories about creation and it can be overwhelming to piece them together. Although we learn by words and numbers in this matrix the truth will only be found within the individual. Remember this, if all is energy then all is controlled by energy, it is the choice of the individual as to how it is used. This is a perspective from the author’s research and by no means should anyone believe what is written here. As this blog progresses the authors understanding will also progress ( some may see this as contradiction ) as this is a learning experience and when he decided to not believe anything taught through mainstream institutions within the Matrix the journey was left wide open for continuous revelation.